Our Values

Helping little children develop & learn.

Children and education is an issue we’re quite passionate about at Dzaltastic. We believe all children need to be given basic necessities in order to thrive and to be able to develop to their full potential. Thus, with every doll sale, we’ll be donating proceeds to Islamic Relief Malaysia’s Underprivileged Development Programme (Gift of Hope).

This ensures children from unprivileged families are provided with good education support like basic school needs, stationery and reference books. On top of that, this fund works to equips babies and the elderly with health support, provide shelter for the unfortunate and works to encourage a sustainable live for the less fortunate.

 “Charity Begins at Home”

Dzaltastic started in Edinburgh, Scotland in 2015. Back then, we crowdfunded for Dzaltastic’s first showcase in Muslim Lifestyle Expo and was showered with so much love from UK’s Muslim community that we knew we had to reciprocate this beautiful gesture. We believe that with the knowledge we garnered in the country, we had to come back to Malaysia to contribute our efforts in helping the less fortunate here as well as those in other countries. With every doll sold, it not only makes your child happy, it puts a smile on another little one as well.


Environmental Awareness


Due to concerns about our environment, at Dzaltastic, we try to reduce any unnecessary wastage and opt for more reusable materials and packaging. Please reuse our drawstring bags for other uses like keeping your little trinkets and toys. We believe helping the environment is a communal effort!

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