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Messy play through craft!

Despite the post activity clean up, we still love messy play! It keeps that kids entertained for some time and if you continue to interrogate the little ones while they’re painting, you get all these adorable, out of this world answers. But we understand how tiring it can get for mums and dads to tidy…

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Popcorn Fun Facts

Did you know popcorn is low in calories compared to other snacks and 19th January is the US’ National Popcorn Day? So we decided popcorn should be on Azzah’s snack menu! Yay for all things popcorn! If you’d like to join in the Popcorn Party, this week printable toys feature 2 buckets of popcorn for…

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Are cats your favourite pets?

Did you know Abu Hurairah, who was the prophet Muhammad’s (s.a.w) close companion, loved cats that he was called ‘Father of Cats’? Join Essa and his doll gang pretend to be cats this week! We’ve created mini cat masks for your doll friend. You can download them and enlarge them if needed. Click these button…

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5 Benefits of getting a penpal

Don’t we all like getting stuff in the mail! Writing to a stranger-turned-friend from another part of the world or also known as ‘a penpal’ has been an age old practise. With the rise of the digital era, you’d be surprised that this fun activity continues being popular with people of all ages. Here’s 5…

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Rainbow Colors Printable

We simply love rainbows! It’s that light of hope after a storm and who could resist those colors! We’ve prepared 2 types of rainbows for your little one. One is a coloured version while the other is in black and white. Use this teaching tool to teach the little ones about the colors of the…

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Watermelon Printable Toy

Everyone loves watermelons, don’t they? It’s cooling it’s refreshing. It’s juicy! We created this printable to be played with any of our dolls, but creativity knows no limits. Use them with any of your other soft toys and pretend to have a little picnic. Or print them out, place them on the table as a…

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New Year 2018

Hello Yellow 2018! How has the new year been? We’re happy to announce that we’ll be sending out our first newsletter to all our subscriber this Monday! Yippie! We’ll be sending in not just 1 or 2, but 3 toy printable toys you could make with your child and use it with any of your…

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