At Dzaltastic, children’s happy smiles are our number one motivator!

Dzaltastic started from a SAHM and former educator’s little sewing adventure on Instagram and her blog. We started back in 2014 in Edinburgh, Scotland and our dolls have now travelled to more than 10 countries making little Muslim (and even non muslim) girls happy. We’ve now expanded our toy range to suit both girls AND boys, after much requests from eager parents.

We showcased our first dolls in UK’s Muslim Lifestyle Expo (Coventry, England) in 2015 and our plushies were stocked in 6 countries, namely UK, US, Canada, Singapore, Sweden and Australia! We’ve even collaborated with other brands and labels in efforts to support other small businesses as well.

Presently, we’re based in the heart of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, a country rich of multi-cultural diversity. It’s this experience that has lead us to understanding the need for toys and dolls representing little Muslims and girls in Hijab. We’ve now included other ethnicities and as well to include our friends of varying background!

PS: Did you know? Dzal or ذ is the 7th letter in the Arabic alphabet and pronounced with a thick TH or a silent D. Check out our logo and find the hidden alphabet!

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